Students‘ Accommodation in Munich

Unterkunft in München

Verpflegung München

The accommodation booked through Dialog Language Schoolcan be used, as a rule, from the Sunday preceding the start of the German course (arrival in the afternoon/before evening meal) to the day following the end of the German course (departure after breakfast/in the morning). Additional days are available on request for an extra charge. All rooms are single. Double rooms are limited and available on request.

Private accommodation stands for: a single room in a private appartment with a host family or a landlord; a number of rooms can be rented in one apartment. In this case we see to it that all guests in the same apartment speak different languages. The apartments can be situated in the city centre or in outlying districts/suburbs. In the latter case it could take one up to 60 minutes to get to Dialog Language School. You can have lunch at the canteens of the universities from Monday to Friday.

(15 walking minutes from the school)

Accommodation in host family