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At Dialog Language Training we offer a wide range of Business language courses. At Dialog language courses are active, effective and fun!

We offer Business language courses and seminars for the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese.
We also offer the following specialised Business language courses:

    • Telephoning
    • Presentations
    • Meetings
    • Negotiations
    • Language for Specific Purposes (Technical, Medical, Legal, etc.)
    • Language Coaching (Intercultural Communication)

Dialog has been offering German courses to students from all over the world for nearly 12 years. Five years ago we extended our Business Language programme to foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish and Russian. Whatever language course you choose to study at Dialog, we are committed to offering you high quality language courses. Our trainers’ main responsibility is to care for your individual learning specifications in a committed and responsible way.

At Dialog we offer regular Business Language Courses, especially one-to-one tuitions. Our one-to-one language courses are aimed at developing the language skills needed for your job. With these Business language courses you learn exactly what you need, when you need it. At our language course the students are taught by highly qualified teachers. Our motivated trainers are all native speakers; their main concern is to make sure that you learn a language in an active and effective way, without wasting your valuable time. At Dialog we respect your learning interests and aims; you follow a language course programme tailored specially for you. With our Business Language courses you will feel confident that you have been well prepared to perform any type of task that your job requires with excellence.

Target Group: Business people at all levels