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Two-Day English Course: Small Talk and Socialising

Why should I book a one or two-day Business English course
at Dialog in Munich?

With our day-workshops you are taught the language skills needed to perform regular business tasks. These compact courses have been methodologically designed to target the language typically used in business. These goal-directed English course give you the opportunity to learn the skills needed in your job. With the instruction of our experienced language trainers you will enjoy learning Business English interactively, in a very pleasant environment. In our role play sessions you will also have the chance to practise what you learn, such as the language used when welcoming visitors to a company, for instance. You will learn how to behave in real communicative situations. At Dialog we make learning Business English fun!

Small Talk and Socialising in English

For all of those who want to talk to business partners in a professional manner, as well as to build good social relationships with them; this workshop gives you the opportunity to improve the Business English language skills needed in such interactive occasions. You will be taught the vocabulary commonly used by business people when they are socialising or talking about their companies’ products and services. You will also learn how to switch from small talk to objective English business talk in a proficient fashion.
3 – 6 participants
10:00am – 5:30pm, 23/24 February
Required Level: A2 | book now

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