Workshop Meetings And Negotiations in English – Business Language Course in Munich

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Meetings and Negotiations Business Language Courses
in English time and price

This English Business Language Course offers you the opportunity of learning the Business English language skills needed for you to take part in meetings and negotiations with confidence. In this Language course you learn practical words and phrases which are used in these communicative scenarios.For instance, you will learn in the langauge course how to open and close a meeting in English, how to ask for comments and contributions and how to express your opinions in a polite manner. As part of this language course’s vocabulary instruction you will also be taught the key language for contributing effectively in meetings and negotiations in intercultural contexts. Our role play sessions will enable you to practice what you learn; the language classroom at Dialog works as a dynamic place which prepares you to use language effectively in real life contexts.
3 – 6 participants
10:00am – 5:30pm, 2nd/3rd/ March
Required Level: B1 | book now

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