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The Private Language Course
at Dialog Business language is tailored to the requirements of every type of business woman or man. It really does not matter if you are you an engineer or a manager, if you are a beginner or an advanced learner; our Language training are designed to suit your individual profile.
Our priveate language course is made of a minimum of three teaching units, which are created to serve to your specific needs. At Dialog we respect our students’ proficiency levels, so that you are able to make progress from where you left off.
If you want to build a more solid and rounded linguistic knowledge, you can extend the period of your language training. The modules covered in our one-to-one programme are designed according to your individual learning targets.
We offer you all the professional support you need; we assist you on how to perform every business task with excellence, regardless of how specific or sophisticated they might seem at the outset.
It is our priority to make you feel confident in your language skills. Our trainers will ensure that you feel well-prepared to face the challenges of today’s extremely competitive business world. With the help of Dialog you will become an expert in giving presentations, for instance, or in writing business letters and emails, if that is what your job requires.
Dialog language training prepares every participant for the highest professional requirements. Our dedicated language trainers work with you and for you, so that you focus on developing the language skills needed to perform your job successfully. You can set your own learning pace; your trainer is there to care for your specific language learning needs.

Language training or language coaching?
There are certain cultural differences that make respected professional qualities in one’s homeland handicaps in a foreign environment. There is a great difference, for instance, in the way people from Germany, India, USA and China handle negotiations. By the same token, the manner by which presentations are structured varies according to target groups and the significance of topical contents.At Dialog we have specialised courses which are designed to teach you how to deal with cultural differences in business. Our Language Coaching courses are made of teaching modules which will guide you on how to appropriately communicate with business people from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
To learn how to master specialised tasks such as making business phone calls and giving presentations, Dialog offers you a great array of Language courses. Our Language training staff is qualified to teach you the right language skills needed for the execution of any business task.