German intensive courses in Munich



German intensive course in Munich

Students of the German intensive course in Munich improve their language knowledge fast




German Intensive Course Munich

4 weeks German intensive course in Munich you will have been finished one level





German Intensiv Course Munich

German course in Munich with very small groups and individual support, experienced and excellent teacher. That the method of Dialog Language in Munich. Do you know a better way of learning a language fast?



German Intensive Course in Munich – daytime In the morning or in the afternoon

Intensive German Course, Standard

  • 20 units à 45 minutes per week, 80 units together, € 640
  • beginner to advanced
  • participants: 4 to 10 ppl
  • age: 17/18 | book here

The German intensive courses in Munich offer you the opportunity improving your passive and active language knowledge in a short time. The small group guarantees individual and comfortable learning. The German intensive courses offer a room for speaking fearless and spontaneously during a lesson. The Language school in Munich pay also attention on vocabulary and grammar and on speaking correct and well pronounced German. New grammar is explained in the German course in Munich with examples so you can use it immediately.

You will learn vocabulary and language skills on the one hand and at the same time practicing it during the German lesson. In this way you proceed fast in your German course in Munich. Communication skills in a variety of everyday situations will support your confidence in speaking German. The Language School in Munich use a wide variety of materials and exercises including role-plays, authentic recorded material and newspapers. The German intensive course in Munich follows the teaching plan of carefully selected books and grammar exercises, which consider the need of the students. > Dates & Prices

German Course in Munich Standard Plus

  • 4 weeks German intensive course plus 8 one to one lessons,
  • together 88 units together, € 880 | book here

The German intensive courses plus contains additional single lessons to the normal German intensive course in Munich. In addition to the German intensive course you can improve the skills individually, if you wish more support. You practice your speaking abilities or you focus grammar knowledge in the German private lessons or just repeat it. Special emphasis will according to your particular interests in your German private lessons.Dates & Prices

German Semi Intensive Course

  • 8 units à 45 minutes per week, 5 weeks 40 units, € 400
  • beginner to advanced
  • participants: 3 to 5 ppl

The German semi intensive course in Munich suits you if you don´t have enough time for attending a German intensive course but want to improve your language skills continuously nearly every day. In this German course you will also enjoy an individual kind of learning in small groups. The Langauge School in Munich will help you with your individual needs. Your teacher will give you individual advice in your GErman course for you private studies or for special exam preparations. > Dates & Prices