German Individual Courses in Munich

Deutschkurs Einzelunterricht München




German private lessons

examples for individual lessons
We recommend individual lessons:

  • you want to reach a higher German language level in a very short time
  • your working hours request an individual tuition timetable
  • you want to reach a specific aim – for instance for your job or for a special German language exam.

    For questions: Don´t hesitate to contact us.

    Learning strategies and methods in your individual German course The competent and motivated trainers at Dialog Sprachschule impact you

    • alternative learning strategies
    • contents, tailored for your individual needs.

For creating an interesting German lesson the methods during a lesson are changing. Additionally you get aware about the intercultural aspects.

A trustful relationship is the basic of success between trainer and learner. That’s the experience we made in the language courses and that is our concept we offer you. You explain the goal you want to reach in your individual German course and the trainer offers you interesting learning materials (subjects and dialogues related to the fields, you need or you are interested in).

Different targets request different learning strategies and learning methods
in your German course in Munich.

Example I You did learn German only a short time yet. The main point for you is:

  • to express yourself in the German language so well – with limited linguistic knowledge – that everybody is able to understand you.

Example II Your German knowledge is already very good. Your aim is:

  • to improve your language abilities up to a very high level, at the end you are able to understand the finer points of the German language.

Example III You learnt already a lot of German grammar, but it is hard for you to speak. Your aim is:

  • being able to express yourself spontaneously, you want to improve mainly your speaking abilities

Example IV You understand the German language well and express yourself in the way that everybody is able to understand you. But often the grammar is wrong, you never learnt the grammatical rules what makes you feeling unsure during a conversation or while speaking the language in general. Your aim is:

  • learning the grammatical rules, you need, to understand the structure of the German language

Do you recognize yourself in one of these examples? Or are there other critical points you want to improve? Don´t hesitate to contact us.