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Doris Meier, owner and ceo of Dialog Sprachschule (2000-2012).

Before starting up Dialog Sprachschule, Doris has taught German as a foreign language at the Goethe Institute for more than ten years.

Doris has also worked as a PR for a reputable German publisher and has written articles for the „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ and the „Münchner Abendzeitung.“ She obtained an MA degree in German, History and Pedagogics at Freiburg University. In addition, she studied English Literature at the University of Exeter, in the UK.

Doris thoroughly enjoys being amongst people from different countries. She believes that teaching and meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds broadens her mind, as she finds extremely motivating exchanging opinions and engaging in interesting conversations with her students. The excitement obtained via this interactive learning process was Doris’ main reason for founding Dialog.

“My main concern is to keep a high standard of teaching. At Dialog Sprachschule my teaching services are personalised; I focus on my students’ individual needs so that they make the most of their learning experience. I believe that providing students with a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment is key to boosting their learning achievements.”

Doris Meier