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Business English Coaching

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”
– Ludwig Wittgenstein

Nina Michelle Nagy

Language is our most important tool to communicate and interact with others. We use it to convey ideas, express wants and needs, delegate tasks, express emotions, engage in activities, and motivate and inspire each other. Body language is equally important, it is part of the communication that uses emotion, reflects tradition and diverse culture.

Communication is important, especially in business, where it is used in every aspect of the company and industry. Therefore, having an excellent command of this soft skill is essential. Today, the business has become global and so has the language. Most companies, no matter what the location, choose one common language to use for their daily communication worldwide. The language of choice is usually English.

Business English also means Global English – a language which allows quick yet efficient communication easy to be spoken and understood universally. English can vary greatly according to its location, culture, and purpose. The range of different accents, dialects, intonation, expressions and vocabulary is vast.

Since time is the most valuable and irreplaceable commodity, providing competent language solutions quickly and effectively is key. Business English Coaching offers targeted training of language in specific areas and optimizes your business communication where you most need it.

The seminars can be booked individually or in small groups of up to 6 participants.

The time and place of the seminar can be arranged directly with the company.

Our coaches can come to the company premises, or other locations (hotels, conference
rooms, workshop locations), or the training can take place directly at the language institute.

Please contact us for an individual offer.

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What can I expect from Business English Coaching?

Business English Coaching is an intensive training to target specific topics and areas in business communication. It does not only focus on the language improvement, but also deals with the overall performance of communication. It enables the individual to maximize their efforts and achieve optimum results quickly.

Public Speaking: Presentations, Meetings, Moderation

  • overcoming the fear and building the confidence
  • various voice techniques, e.g. correct breathing and posture, voice strengthening
  • body language and gesticulation
  • engaging your audience, signposting, dealing with disruptions
  • managing distractions, mental block, regaining focus

Correspondence: Emails, Documents, Contracts

  • formal and informal emails
  • quick and efficient electronic correspondence
  • grammar-fit in writing, punctuation, salutation, dates & numbers
  • drafting contracts, legal documents, technical English
  • notifications, memos, invitations, farewells, congratulations

Diplomatic English: Negotiations, Mediations, Staff Appraisals, Dismissals

  • using appropriate language in every situation
  • body language and culture awareness
  • communication in line with compliance and discretion

Job Application and Interview

  • writing CV and letter of objectives
  • job interview preparation
  • presenting yourself professionally
  • handling objective criticism and complaints

Customer Care

  • polite and direct language
  • understanding your client, empathy, readiness, compatibility
  • dealing with difficult situations, e.g. insults, threats, aggression
  • explaining company policies and procedures

Intercultural Awareness

  • different cultures, different business practices
  • getting to know your cultural business environment
  • do´s and don´ts in different cultures
  • first impressions: what to expect
  • how to read the body language in different cultures
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