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German course in Munich

The two women feel comfortable in their  German course in Munich

„“Ich hatte viel Spaß während unserer Diskussionen und auch meine Freunde haben bemerkt, dass mein Deutsch verbessert wurde.“ Liza, Russland

Learn German Munich

The participants emphasis the quality of the Dialog German courses in Munich. „Dialog Sprachschule ist die beste“ Keti, Georgien


language school Munich

A tipical  nice little beergarden


Welcome at the Dialog Language School, find your German course in the famous district Schwabing the most attractive place in Munich

Are you looking for a German course learning in a pleasant atmosphere by staying in one of the most beautiful towns of Germany? Dialog Language School offers German courses in Munich with an effective way learning the German Language.

The emphasis of our German courses in Munich depends more on your personal wishes and “weakpoints”. You experience in your German course in Munich alternative learn strategies with highly qualified and experienced teachers. You should get know the quality of our German courses in Munich and visit our German classes in the nice rooms of the language school and see that you get the best conditions to learn German in Munich. Contact us for more informations

The guestbook of Dialog presents what other participants think about the language school in Munich. You find the language school in renovated old building in Munich´s most famous district “Schwabing”.
Next to your German course you can enjoy this famous part of Munich the vivid street life in the summer around the school with coffeebars, restaurants, shops and the typical Munich beergardens and also in the winter the cultural environment with universities, museums and galleries. So you can combine the German course in Munich with this varied cultural offer.

We meet your special requirements around the German course in Munich fast.

  • we organize a nice host family for you or alternatively we arrange a suitable hotel.
  • we organize special German courses including an individual “package deal“ with extra services for groups or single persons.
  • Highly qualified professional teachers guide you on your way to proper knowledge:

If you have any questions about your German course in Munich, please contact us, we would also send you a replacement test for free.