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Learn languages at Dialog Language School in Munich

Curious about languages? Then join our participants at Dialog and study a new language or improve German with a qualified and experienced team of native speaker trainers. Whether you want to learn a new one or improve your German, the Dialog Language School in Munich fulfils the needs of active language learners and offers various courses from a dynamic team of qualified and experienced native speaker trainers.

We offer German language as well as foreign languages. Each curriculum is in line with the most up-to-date learning method and all courses are taught by highly qualified and skilled language trainers. In order to deliver excellent results and achieve individual goals, the content of each course is custom-designed to fit participants´ needs.

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German Courses for Adults

Whether you´d like to start from scratch or brush up your German. Whether learning from very beginning or simply adding the final touch to your German.

At Dialog Language School Munich you are able to study German language in small groups or take individual one:one training.

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Language Courses for Companies

Integrate your international team and make your staff from abroad confident in speaking German fluently in every field of profession.

Each Business German course is custom-designed, targeting individual needs for each profession, therefore making the training more effective.

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Current Special Offers

  • SPRING SPECIAL 4 weeks German Intensive Course at 490 Euro (instead of Euro 590)
  • TELC-EXAMINATION Registrations for up-coming telc examinations are running non-stop at Alinguas – so don´t wait too long to register, the next date might be booked out soon!
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Learning Languages
at Dialog Language School Munich

Dialog at Alinguas Language School is a project between two schools in Munich. Together we´ve gained more than 25 years of experience, therefore we are able to offer a wide range of courses and different curriculums.

There´s no hidden agenda in our learning mode. We are an open and friendly school, with highly professional team, ready to lend an ear and listen to your needs and wishes. Helping to develop and improve your language skills is important to us, but what is even more important is that you are having fun in the process. And honestly, that makes fun for us too!

This is how you learn with us

The lesson content is structured systematically and our language trainers carefully follow the individually targeted learning objectives. This applies to all study goals, private or business, and to all levels from beginner or advanced learners.

We do not use the ›teacher-centered teaching‹ method, where the student is made to listen to theory and grammar presented by the trainer. Our students learn predominantly through speaking – practicing the language in real-life situations. Our motto is ›learning by doing‹ – communication-oriented as well as interactive methods are practiced in all our courses. That is what makes the lesson fun and especially effective.

At Dialog, the lessons are set up in small groups or one:one individual lessons. This way the students get more than enough opportunity to speak, even if they are shy, and the content and pace is adapted precisely to participants´ individual needs, interests and learning type.

Your Language Trainer – Qualified Native Speaker

Our dynamic team of language trainers are highly qualified and have years of teaching experience. They remain committed to their students, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, improving the learning development of each participant. Our trainers are engaged and motived, constantly updating the most effective learning methods.

What is especially important is that all our trainers are native speakers, or they have grown up bilingually. That way the learners are exposed not only to the authentic mother-tongue language from the start, they also benefit in familiarizing themselves with the cultural aspects and traditions.

Our language school team, under the direction of Countess Beatrice von Schlieben-Tschira and Ms Anna Schuhmacher, continuously strives to develop the most effective teaching methods, and constantly update the current teaching materials. Our staff shows high competence and professionalism, but more importantly, they stay engaged and passionate in their work.

Dialog by Alinguas Language School Munich

All language courses take place at Alinguas Language School Munich. The rooms are spacious and bright, and each classroom is facilitated with modern equipment (DVD, tv, flipchart, and laptops). Most rooms also include a small library of international press.

Our language school is located at Hohenzollernplatz 5, in the heart of the city area called Schwabing. It is a quiet but central location, surrounded by many shops, restaurants and cafes. The popular city park called the ›Englischer Garten‹ and both of Munich´s major universities are within a walking distance. The school is easily reachable by public transportation, bus, tram, or underground, and the city center (Munich Main Station) is only about 5 minutes away.


Alinguas is an official member of ›Kompetenzzentrum Hochschule‹ and is a certified telc examination center. The applicants are able to register online at our website, or in-person directly at the school. We provide full organization, and also offer preparation courses for the telc exams.

The telc examinations of German language at levels B1, B2, and C1 take place directly at our Alinguas language school. This makes it convenient for the participants by reducing the travel time, since the school is located in the heart of the city.

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