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Learn Business English

an individual training plan for more success on the job

Learn English from qualified native speakers at Dialog Business. In individual lessons or with a colleague, once a week or in an intensive crash course – always precisely tailored to your branch, your field of work and your learning style. Our language trainers work with you in practical exercises to develop the linguistic tools you need to successfully master your professional tasks.

Business English & Small Talk
Struggling to find the right words in presentations? Telephoning is anything but fluent and relaxed? You don’t really get going in small talk and networking? We can work on that!

If you are looking for a language course on behalf of a company, please take a look at our corporate solutions.

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Business English – At a Glance

Number of participants 1 to 2
on request and with simultaneous registration for up to 6 participants
Learning levels all levels, individual focus
times by arrangement weekdays between 8 am and 9 pm
Course from 2 UE
Learning material Individual according to learning level (A1 to C2) as well as company’s own documents from practice
Language teachers native speakers or bilingual with industry-specific knowledge
Course location Alinguas Sprachschule Munich, at your company premises or online
Start of course by arrangement


Individual Training
up from 20 UE:  55/UE
up from 30 UE:  53/UE

Two-person Training
up from 20 UE:  60/UE
up from 30 UE:  56/UE
all prices in Euro

Please contact us for an offer regarding a group course

Business English in Munich

Communicate effectively in English with colleagues and clients, present a topic, practice small talk, write e-mails quickly and be able to recall and use English technical terms with confidence. This will help you to be convincing in your professional communication at all levels. Many of our customers also use our Business English training to prepare for job interviews – because in these you need to win over your counterpart not only professionally, but also linguistically.

Business English – the course

You can learn Business English at our language school in Munich in private lessons for one or two participants. If you wish and if you register at the same time, we can also train you in small courses with up to six participants.

Each participant has individual goals and requirements – and of course your English course will be tailored accordingly. Possible course formats are: Regular courses to build up or reactivate your language skills step by step. Intensive crash courses to prepare for a business trip, a job interview or a presentation in English.

Your branch

We offer business and economic English for a wide range of different fields. These include Business English for lawyers, managers and medical professionals, consulting and IT staff, for commerce, sales & industry or for banking and engineering.

If you are booking on behalf of a company or institution, please take a look at our offer for companies.

What you will learn

Business English courses must be practice-oriented, your new knowledge and the language skills you learn should quickly become noticeable (and profitable) in your everyday work. That’s why we train you from the very first lesson along practical lines, integrating materials from your business life.

For example, you will learn strategies for conducting conversations, typical phrases and formulations that you can use immediately in your job. The training is flexible and focuses on what you need. During the lessons, however, the focus is always on your own speaking and listening comprehension. After all, oral communication and direct exchange are the foundation of a language.

Our English teachers

Of course, you will learn Business English with native speakers or bilingual teachers who have experience in teaching. This means that you will not only hear accent-free business English, but you will also be able to adapt to the cultural characteristics and idiosyncrasies of your future interlocutors during the lessons.

In addition, your teachers are familiar with the contents and tasks of your industry, sometimes they have even worked in it themselves. We are sure to have the English teacher for you with whom the chemistry is right and with whom you will not only learn successfully, but also enjoy it.

English teacher or English coach?

We asked Nina, a wonderful English teacher, about this: her answer.

“I am not only a language trainer, I am also a language coach.”
So what does a language coach do?

Language coach works closely with the learner in order to develop a strategic method to meet specific goals in areas of the language. Whatever the demand may be, a language coach identifies the individual challenges and needs, focuses on the immediate priorities, and recognises the personal capabilities of a learner . A realistic plan is developed, goals are set where progress can be consistently measured, and results are delivered accordingly.

Many aspects can be associated with learning a language: fear of public speaking, lack of confidence, trauma based on past experiences, misunderstandings, moments of embarrassment, work pressure or not enough time to study, pronunciation, stage fright, etc. Communication is already such an essential tool, therefore using it in another language is equally vital.

Some of the specific areas of language demands:

  • business communication
  • pronunciation
  • public speaking
  • speaking with confidence
  • posture and breathing
  • body language
  • inter-cultural communication
  • typical mistakes
  • slang and colloquial English
  • UK or US English
  • general English
  • back-packing English
  • academic exam preparation

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