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Crash Course German in Munich

super intensive for Beginners A1 and A2

Crash Course German: enables students to make noticeable progress. Complete one whole level in just three weeks – that might seem like mission impossible, but with the crash course it is definately achievable. Crash Course is the right choice if you are under time pressure or need a certificate fast for special purposes – e.g. certificate for spouse immigration (Zertifikat für den Ehegattennachzug).

The morning and afternoon classes are lively and practice-oriented. The mini-groups, made up of maximum 4 participants, guarantee more than enough opportunity for you to speak. Your language trainers are all native speakers and they are academically trained. The crash courses also prepare you for the telc exams A1 and A2.

Please note: currently we offer crash courses, starting at 2 participants, from September to May only for beginner levels A1 and A2. If there´s a demand and we have enough participant registrations within the same time period, we could also offer crash courses for other levels. Please contact us for assistance!

German Crash Course – at a glimpse

time Monday – Friday from 9.30 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 15.30
available from September to May
duration 3 weeks
30 lesson units/LU per week (1LU – 45 minutes)
levels A1 und A2
other levels upon request
begin flexible
number of participants Mini Group: 2 to 4 participants (minimum 2 participants)
Location Hohenzollernplatz 5, Munich / Schwabing
course materials language trainers course books and worksheets
native or bilingual speakers
exams telc examinations upon request and with minimum of 5 registrations
visa eligable for a language student visa
other services placement test, course participation certificate


Available from September – May for A1 and A2

3 weeks Crash Course at 1.600 Euro


German Crash Course in Munich

Why not dive into a new language and get a head start with a course that delivers results quickly and effectively. The German Crash Course is offered at levels A1 and A2 and guarantees a good command of the basics in German language within only 3 to 6 weeks. Crash Course is the right choice if you need to learn a language quickly, or need a certificate urgently, for example obtaining a certificate for spouse immigration (Zertifikat für den Ehegattennachzug).

Crash Course is the right one for you if you´re looking for effective learning in a short time. Perhaps you are under time pressure, or simply want to invest less time to get results quickly. Crash Course delivers! The content is demanding and requires your full concentration. Our skilled language trainers lead you through the intense curriculum efficiently, keeping you occupied with lively activities and exercises.

Each language follows a grammatical structure with particular rules and functions. The sooner you learn the basics, the quicker you can build on them. Once you get inside a language, understanding more expressions and  guessing more words within the context, it becomes easier to navigate.

How Beginners Are Learning At Dialog

Thirty hours a week may seem like a lot to you, but when our trainers make the lessons varied and lively, the time goes by without notice. All of them are native speakers and have an academic background.

Through many small practical exercises and role plays, you learn to speak fairly quickly. Learning by doing is the motto – a regular training of trial and error does bring results.

As in all our German courses, we speak only German in the crash course for beginners. Perhaps a little unusual at first, but this way you are able to fully grasp the language, and the pronunciation of words and letters become easier by the hour, as well as the structure of the German language. This can be very motivating.

Learn German In A Mini-group

At the beginning of a course, you take a short placement test to find out if the beginner level A1 is suitable or if you are already fit for the next level at A2.

The mini-group, made up of 2 to 4 participants, gives you time to focus on your own topics of need and interest. Here you can work on special areas where you need to improve. The language trainers give you extra support and lead you through topics such as pronunciation, vocabulary, or grammar. In some cases, you learn in an individual training, so that our language trainers can adapt the curriculum content exactly to your requirements.

At the same time you learn from the other participants. A thing we notice again and again: It is precisely the structure of the intensive and crash course that brings the participants together. They see each other every day, work efficiently through the exercises, laugh with the language teachers – not only learning partnerships, but also friendships have developed as a result.

The Beginner Levels A1 And A2

Before starting a course, you take a brief placement test so that we can better estimate if the beginner level A1 is right for you or if you are already good enough for A2.

In the crash course German A1, the content is focused on everyday expressions and numbers. At the same time, the basic grammar is introduced, which keeps pace with the structure of the language. For example, you learn how to answer simple questions about where you live and what you like to do, and you practice role-plays in a restaurant, placing your order, asking for a bill, etc. If your conversation partner speaks slowly and clearly (and helps you a little), even small talk is possible. You can find more information about the A1 level on our A1-Page.

At the end of the A2 crash course you are already able to speak whole sentences and use expressions that are used frequently in everyday life, such as information about yourself and family. You can communicate well in common situations like shopping, eating out, making reservations, asking for directions, etc. Your small talk gets better and you feel more confident. You can find more information about the A2 level on our A2-Page.

You can take the telc-exams German A1 and A2 at our partner school Alinguas upon request and with a minimum of 5 registered participants.

Alternative Course Formats

You may want an advanced crash course (starting from level B1) or an off-season crash course. We can easily organise this for you by combining the intensive course in the morning with private lessons in the afternoon. This way, it is also possible to complement your crash course with a pronunciation training or special technical content training.

What´s next?

After successfully completing a 3 or 6 week crash course, you have reached a milestone – congratulations! Some of our participants even dream in German which shows how well they absorbed the language, and this is a particularly good sign.

But learning a language also takes time and your mind has to get used to all the new information and process it. We recommend that you change to the German Evening Course after the Crash Course. This enables you to stay in practice, strengthen and expand your knowledge. However, if you are no longer in Munich, you can still meet us online!

Do you have any other questions?
Please contact us or visit us in our office
at Hohenzollernplatz 5 in Munich.

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