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Pronunciation training

Pronunciation is just as important…

Being able to read, write, and understand German is an essential part of learning a new language. However, the most important focus is on speaking. Most times you will use the language to communicate with people in social as well as professional situations. Therefore your pronunciation is equally important to learning a new language.

German Pronunciation training concentrates on listening comprehension and repetition of words and phrases. Children learn how to pronounce new words easier since the muscles in their tongue are still in development. Adults find pronouncing foreign words more difficult, because the muscles in their tongue are already fixed. It is also an individual matter, some learners are more talented than others. However, pronunciation can be learned or improved at any age. All it requires is patience and regular practice. Train your tongue and learn how to speak like a native with the help of our experienced speech therapists.

Even if pronunciation is not as important to you at the beginning, it might be detrimental especially then not pay attention to it. While you´re at the threshold of learning a new language, neglecting pronunciation might result in ›false friends‹ and misunderstandings. To avoid any mistakes and keep your intonation correct, pronunciation is essential in proper language development right from the beginning.

German Pronunciation Training – At a Glimpse

number of participants individual training / two-participant training
levels open to all levels
begin upon arrangement one week in advance
duration and frequency directly arranged with the trainer
curriculum articulation, intonation, ear training
language trainers certified speech therapists
times weekdays anytime from 8.00 to 21.00
location Hohenzollernplatz 5, Munich / Schwabing
course materials individually selected


Individual Training
up from 20 UE:  55/UE
up from 30 UE:  53/UE

Two-person Training
64 / UE
up from 20 UE:  60/UE
up from 30 UE:  56/UE

all prices in Euro

Please contact us for an offer regarding a group course


German Pronunciation in Munich

Having an accent can be charming but it doesn´t always prove to be helpful. It could result in misunderstanding or difficult communication. This could be especially challenging in your professional life, and generally embarrassing if people have difficulties understanding you. You want to be able to enjoy a conversation in foreign language with focus on the content and not on the pronunciation of difficult words.

Why the pronunciation training?

Many people believe that training German pronunciation is only necessary for a better understanding. Naturally this is an important aspect of the language, not being understood due to pronunciation could be very frustrating. However, mastering a language completely with the right intonation and pronunciation also makes you more professional and competent. You will be regarded as better qualified, and you will feel more confident during job interviews, presentations, telephone calls, negotiations – in your professional as well as private life.

Often it is your own insecurity that blocks you from making progress. Shyness and fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed by the way you speak might prevent you from speaking at all. So let our qualified team of speech therapists help you overcome this hurdle. Become confident and able to speak without any inhibitions.

What is pronunciation training exactly?

The pronunciation training is instructed by our team of certified speech therapists who are also native speakers. They are professionally qualified in ear and speech training, as well as pedagogy. You are lead through a set of exercises where you practice pronunciation through listening and repetition, i.e. vowels and consonants, particular patterns in words and phrases, intonation, flow, connected and separated words, accents, long and short sounds, etc. Your voice is often recorded for your self-assessment, and it is also compared with the recording of a native speaker to determine where improvements could still be made.

In every aspect of a new language, whether it´s grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing – it is a huge advantage to be taught by a native speaker. And pronunciation is no exception. Here it is especially beneficial to the learner to have the authentic sound of the mother tongue.

Tip: Improve pronunciation on the fly

Learning a language in a foreign country is a great benefit. You are surrounded by the language at all times, whether in supermarket or on tv. You face situations daily where you come in contact with the language, actively or passively. You may not be aware just how much of an influence this has on you, the language sticking like a glue whether you want it or not. The technical term for it is ›immersion‹.

So go and immerse, in other words ›dive in‹. We encourage you to go out there and talk to the people in Munich, meet the locals, get to know the Bavarian way of life, make friends, join groups, do sports, participate in whatever activities appeal to you – break into the new territory.

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