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German courses Munich

Learn German individually – Reach Your Goals

German courses in Munich
Courses that focus on your goals and requirements individually, deliver results fast, moving you closer to your target while you enjoy learning. This is our specialty. Give it a try!

We offer German courses at all levels. You learn the language with experienced and qualified language trainers. The course content is designed to fit your needs and you learn at the pace that is right for you. Our special emphasis is the flexibility – learners are able to change between the course types or combinations, if the level is too high or too low. We also offer a free trial day in one of our intensive or evening German courses, so just come in and get to know us.

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Intensive Course

The all-time-classic daytime Intensive Course, from 9:30 to 13:00, if you want or need to learn German quickly and effectively.

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Evening Course

Effective German Evening Courses for the working professionals or mothers/fathers.

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Private Lessons

The ideal individual language training for 100% flexibility and custom-made learning objectives.

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Crash course

3-Week Mini-Group. You´ll be surprised at your progress!

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Business German

Individual or a two-person training is designed to improve your business communication skills in German, providing language training in professional environment.

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Examination Preparation & Telc exams

Exam preparation and official telc examinations in telc-Kompetenzzentrum Hochschule Alinguas.

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Pronunciation Training

Learning not only how to speak but also how to pronounce the language correctly. Our qualified speech therapist helps you train pronunciation and listening comprehension.

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German for Doctors & medical staff

Whether examining a patient or providing care in a medical facility, here the language skills are especially crucial. German courses are offered for staff in medical field, including the preparation for the examination in German FSP.

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German Lessons via Zoom

Wherever you might find yourself on this planet at the moment, thanks to internet connection, our team of German language trainers is able to reach you and provide convenient lessons via Zoom.

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German courses in Munich for adults

Our language trainers work with a combination of proven and alternative methods in order to familiarize the learner with German language quickly and effectively. They take enough time and get the right feeling for each participant´s individual needs.

Which course format is right for me?

A placement test is taken prior to each German course to determine the right level. Individual wishes and concerns of participants are discussed in order to find out what the objectives are. This way we can assess the correct level which you are currently at, and see what you want to achieve with each German course.

People from all over the world, rich in cultural diversity and national identity, visit our German courses. They all share one common objective – to learn German – yet the individual goals and needs are different for each learner.

So whether you are learning a new language from scratch, or improving or perfecting the already spoken one, whether you seek an assessment of your professional speaking skills for your employer, or simply making use of your holiday and picking up a new language to better get to know a new city and its culture – we are here to guide you.

At Dialog Language School Munich we offer German courses to fit your needs and fulfill your individual goals – we strive to provide you with the best language solutions you are looking for.

The Perfect German Course – with flexible combinations

At Dialog, you can book all course formats flexibly, and you can combine different courses as you go along – without additional bureaucracy and extra costs.

For example, you start with an Intensive Course, in order to quickly acquire the basics, after that you switch to an Evening Course , to stay in practice and continue learning alongside your job.  Should there be a specific area you want to work on, such as particular topic or grammar or terminology, you could arrange an additional Individual Training.

In the last 25 years we have been able to welcome and satisfy over 1,000 participants at our school. Maybe soon you will be one of them too.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)

All German courses are designed according to the conditions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). The study programme is internationally recognised and most textbooks comply with the required syllabus. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is divided into six levels: A1 – Beginner, A2 –Elementary, B1 – Intermediate, B2 – Upper Intermediate, C1 – Advanced , C2 – Proficient.
C2 is the highest level, equivalent to a native speaker. Once the learners achieve the C2 level, they master the language at its highest proficiency.

In order to best match the different levels of the participants, we usually divide the German courses into 12 different levels, i.e. A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, etc.

At our Examination Resources  you can find thorough information on the different levels of telc, examinations and the courses available for the exams preparation and practice.

German Examinations – get the course you need, then take the exams right at the language school

Get prepared and develop the skills you need with the appropriate German course. Once you are ready and confident, take the exams at the same location as your course, at our language school. German telc examinations are certified and internationally recognised. All our German courses meet the needs for preparation for the exams. The only exception are special focus courses, e.g. in the medical field, or individual topics, such as German for doctors and nursing staff, or a pronunciation training.

Alinguas Language School Munich is an official telc examination partner and a competence centre for universities. Telc-Exams can be taken directly in the language school at Hohenzollernplatz – this means an environment that you´re already familiar with, convenient location, and minimal organization.

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