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German intensive course Munich

Intensive, effective, motivating … a classic

Get off to a good start with German Intensive Course. Achieve great success in short time, whether beginner or advanced. At Dialog, the small group classes are fun and effective. The morning lesson time allows you to keep your afternoons free to explore the eclectic sites of Munich.

You can book the German Intensive Course at all language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1), and of course, a placement test is included. The motto Dialog goes by is: Learning by doing! German Intensive Course guarantees a fun way to learn, but most importantly it gives you plenty of time and opportunity to speak. Each intensive course prepares you for the German official examinations, and you can take the recognised telc examinations at our language school several times a year.

What we’re especially proud of: students at Dialogue make an above-average progress in the German Intensive Course in Munich and they also score particularly well in examinations. In about four weeks´ time, they usually complete more than one level, which means they are always ahead.

German Intensive Course – at a Glance

time Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.00
duration 20 hours per week
level A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1
begin every Monday / fixed dates for absolute beginners
number of participants group of 4 to 10 participants
course materials books and worksheets
examinations preparation for all telc examinations, DSH und TestDaF
telc examination directly booked at the language school
discount Munich university students, aupairs, interns and refugees
visa eligable for a language student visa
other services placement tests, participation certificates

hour = teaching hour = 45 minutes


Course Fee*
German intensive Course
20 hours / week

1-3 Week 180 Euro per week
4 weeks 640 Euro
5-7 weeks 160 Euro per week
8 weeks 1200 Euro

+1 week 150 Euro

* plus a one-time service fee of € 50 (including the first book) / high season supplement in July and August: € 20 per week


German Intensive Courses in Munich

Join a German Intensive Course and get a head start in conversation. Communication in various spontanious situations is practiced in small groups. Participants are encouraged to speak with each other, practice the newly learned vocabulary as well as expressions in situational role-plays. This is a very effective method motivating the group to learn and practice the language together.

Native speakers and bilingual German language trainers lead you through the required curriculum for all levels of intensive courses. They make sure you master the language with the help of most updated and diversified learning methods. Learning a language with passion while enjoying meeting people from various cultures is the motto.

The good thing about the German Intensive Course is that before and after the course you have plenty of time to explore Munich and its surroundings, do sports, go out, utilize your spare time. This means you´re not only learning the language, you´re also living it – a perfect balance between a language course and leisure time.

The Intensive Course Structure

The Intensive German Course usually welcomes 4 to 8 participants per class from all the over world. Generally there are more participants during the high season, which takes place from about mid-June to the end of August. During the summer months there could be a higher number of learners, due to vacation time.

At Dialog, you can attend the German Intensive Courses at all levels. According to the European Reference Framework, there are six learning levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. We subdivided these levels, i.e. German A1 (A1.1, A1.2), A2 (A2.1, A2.2), B1 (B1.1, B1,2), B2 (B2.1, B2.2) and C1 (C1.1, C1.2). This way, we can provide you with the appropriate learning content matched even more precisely with your level.

Before the course starts, we will find out what level you are at in a short assessment interview. If you already have some knowledge of German, you can start the intensive course on any Monday.

Dialog Tips For Beginners

You should spend time and prepare for the course if you are planning to book the course short-term or last-minute. Indulge your mind in the new language, listen to its melody and rhythm, familiarize yourself with its intonation.

For those who wish for a particularly intensive and effective start in the new language, we created the German Crash Course for levels A1 and A2. This way you complete one whole level in just 3 weeks.

German Lessons and Your Trainers

In the German Intensive Course we focus on your active and passive language skills, and make you develop your speaking ability in a short time. 4 x 45 minute lessons per day may seem like a lot to you at the beginning. However, since the lessons are designed in an engaging and creative way, the time will fly by without notice. We alternate between exercises with different objectives, e.g. pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, expresions, role plays, etc.

Verbal communication is the main focus of each German course. Especially if you are still a beginner, speaking and listening is very important. During the lessons you will actively participate in many hands-on/useful exercises, discussions and role plays.

In the Intensive Courses we work with proven and proficient textbooks, which you can purchase from our office in the language school. Additional teaching materials (e.g. current newspaper articles, internet worksheets, extra grammar exercises) can be obtained directly from our language trainers and are of course included in the course price.

Examinations in the Language School

In the Intensive Courses, we offer examination preparation for these exams: TestDaF, DSH, and all telc examinations (German A1 to C1 and C1 University). Telc examinations can be taken directly at the language school and you will receive an internationally recognized certificate.

The official Telc German examination certificate is an important document, verifying your proficiency in  German language. It is necessary in many fields of the student or professional life, and required by authorities in order to process various documents such as entry to a German university, employment in Germany, and German citizenship. You can also take the exam just for your own satisfaction of achieving that personal goal.

Possible Course Combinations

The German Intensive Courses are set up in a way which allows you to complete one full level in about 4 weeks, depending on your learning ability. For example, if you come to the school as a complete beginner, upon finishing the initial Intensive Course you will be able to understand rudimentary German expressions and participate in basic German small talk.

Individual Training And Pronunciation
If you feel you´re not catching up in the German Intensive Course, or you want to focus on a particular content, or you have a need to repeat particular grammar or vocabulary, then enhance your learning by joining an Individual Course. It is also worth taking a look at pronunciation and listening comprehension in the individual lessons. We recommend the additional Pronunciation Training to all participants already before or at the beginner level.

Changing Between Course Types

Many of our participants start with the Intensive Course in order to quickly immerse themselves in the language and effectively acquire the basics. Once they familiarize themselves with the language, they may want to change the pace or they now have a job which allows them less time to participate in a daytime course. In such case the participants can switch to the Evening German Course.

At Dialog, this change is possible without unnecessary red tape and extra costs.

If you don´t use it, you lose in … German Courses via Zoom
In order not to lose what you have learned in your German course, we offer German Course online so that you can stay in practice and keep achieving your language aims and objectives. Wherever you may be in the world, all you need is a good internet connection and our language trainers can come to you.

Still not convinced?
Then allow us to invite you for a trial lesson in one of our German Intensive Coures.

To arrange it, please contact us!

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