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English Private lessons

English private lessons,  the most intensive and effective way of learning English. Therefore, it is optimal if you need an individual schedule, want to make progress in a short time or want to achieve a personal learning goal. Our English teachers design the lessons at all levels to meet your needs, we focus on exactly what you need and are interested in for your job and everyday life.

But it is not only what you learn with us that we can ideally design in private English lessons. How you learn is also very important. Everyone learns differently, our English teachers will find the method and rhythm that suits you best. If you want to learn English with one or more friends or colleagues, we can turn the private lessons into a two-person class or a mini-group. The location, number of hours and the times will be according to your wishes.

Often the individual English training is supported by the company and the costs are taken over completely or partly. Of course, the costs and the invoice can be split.

English Private Lessons – At a Glance

Number of participants 1 or 2
Learning levels from A1 to C2; individual focus possible
Times on weekdays between 8.00 & 21.00 o’clock
Learning material individually according to learning level (A1 to C2); own material also welcome
Extent & frequency by arrangement
Course starts after registration within one week
Course location Dialog Sprachschule Munich or on your premises
Language teacher native speaker or bilingual


Individual Training
General Language (one or two participants)
up from 20 UE:  51/UE
up from 30 UE:  49/UE

Special / Technical (one participant)
Language & Pronunciation

up from 20 UE:  55/UE
up from 30 UE:  53/UE

Two-person Training
Special / Technical Language & Pronunciation
up from 20 UE:  60/UE
up from 30 UE:  56/UE
all prices in Euro
Please contact us for an offer regarding a group course

English private lessons in Munich

In private lessons, you benefit from an intensive learning situation in which you can dedicate yourself to your goals in a flexible and concentrated manner. If you are starting a new job, an exam at university is approaching or you have to moderate a meeting in English, you will create the best conditions with a private English teacher.

Where are you right now? Where do you want to go? What needs to be worked on along the way? Our private English teachers will design a customized and flexible course program for you. This can include general English or business English with specialist and industry-specific content. We are also happy to use materials that you (have to) use in your job and everyday life for individual training. The more practice-oriented the lessons, the faster and more reliably you will be able to use what you have learned.

Learn English – tailored for your type of learning

Everyone has their own approach to a language. With private English lessons, we can cater to that 100%. You will focus on specific language areas, such as increasing your vocabulary, practicing grammar, or – NEVER forgetting – improving your pronunciation.

Private English lessons are suitable for all levels. It can take place at your home, at your workplace, at the language school or online. Just choose the place where you feel most comfortable. We will determine the course times and number of lessons according to your wishes.

Dedicated, professional, personable … our English teachers.

In this type of English course, it is always especially important to us that you enjoy learning with your teacher. You should be able to speak at length and ask your teacher questions without hesitation. Do you remember your school days? Most of the time you had the best grades with the ones you liked the most. You learn English at Dialog with native speakers or bilingual teachers with academic backgrounds. They teach according to proven concepts and with interactive methods – always in a way that suits you.

If you are looking for an English course on behalf of a company or institution, please also visit our offer for companies.

Relaxed, personal and individual – that’s how English learning works today.
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Your team from Dialog by Alinguas language school Munich

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