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Business English Courses for Companies

Qualified, efficient and tailor-made

We equip you with the language skills for tasks and challenges in every business situation. Our Business English courses, each with individual content, are custom-designed for your employees and management to meet the language goals in every area of business. It´s a reasonable investment for targeting language efficiency in the company, resulting in better and more successful work performance.

Business English courses provide training in a particularly praxis-oriented way, with strong focus on demands of the company and different areas of business. The topics of interest are vast in their content, e.g. successful presentations, confident negotiations, strong telephoning skills, efficient business correspondance, diplomacy and cultural awareness, excellent manners in small talk and socializing, competent meetings and conferences, among others.

The days and times of the lessons are flexible, you decide when and how often you would like to take the classes. Courses could also be conducted directly at your premises (in-house training), depending on where your company is located. Please note that travel expenses may apply to further distances.

Business English Courses – at a glance

number of participants 1:1 or groups
levels A1 to C2 or from A2 with specific business focus
start of the course to be arranged
scope & frequency to be arranged; starting at 2 teaching units per week (1 teaching unit = 45 minutes)
times to be arranged, available during weekdays between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.
course material individually selected according to learning level (A1 to C2), also including any relevant company documents
course location Dialog Language School Munich, online or at the company premises


Business English
one participant:
up from 20 UE:  55,-/unit
up from 30 UE:  53,-/unit

Two-person Training
up from 20 UE:  60,-/unit
up from 30 UE:  56,-/unit
all prices in Euro

Please contact us for an offer regarding a group course



Business English Courses For Companies In Munich

Invest in the English language skills of your employees – you will gain assertiveness, confidence, and trust. Afterall, the focus should be on the business – whether in discussions with the foreign associates and colleagues, or dealing with companies abroad – not on the content of vocabulary and grammar. Let us overcome this challenge together – with the right learning approach and an experienced (and friendly) language trainer, it will be accomplished faster and easier than you might think.

The A&O: Orientation Towards Practice And Goals

Our Business English language trainers have the experience and know-how in teaching the exact language skills that are needed in your everyday business life. The variety of topics in Business English are endless: presentations, negotiations, telephoning and correspondence, IT proficiency, accounting, small talk and socializing (almost always underestimated), etc. Our business English courses focus on everyday situations – we repeatedly practice role plays taken out of the real context, from the very first lesson onwards. We always include any relevant company documents as well. This is the most effective way to learn vocabulary, typical expressions and idioms, and grammar structures.

  • Technical vocabulary, e.g. medial or financial jargon, business language and idiomatic expressions.
  • Discussions and conversations in meetings, negotiations, conferences, on the phone, at presentations, product launches, etc.
  • Documents and official letters in business correspondance, e-mails, legal documents, contracts, proposals, etc.
  • Business Grammar and pronunciation.

Dialog Clients – What Branches Do They Come From?

We conduct business English courses for employees coming from a wide range of business and all levels of work. Our clients come from small to medium-sized as well as corporate companies. The type of business varies, e.g. finance, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, advertising, hotel and gastronomy, etc. Participants come from management, sales & purchasing, human resources, IT, legal, administration, and many other departments. The language applied in each of these companies has one common ground: global English, practiced and understood in all areas of business. We provide not only language training, but also cultural awareness. Each country has different habits and traditions in business, and being aware of these also help to built better and more successful relationships in business.

Business English courses are taught exclusively by native speakers or bilingual trainers. All of them are academically educated, and have years of experience in individual as well as group training. Our trainers are skilled in designing the best-suited study curriculum for each client, each course is tailor-made to fit the individual needs and requirements. In addition, having worked in various companies and industries themselves, the trainers bring in their deep knowledge since they are already familiar with the business through their own work experience.

Specific Course Solutions for Each Company

Our Business English courses are designed to fit your busy schedule and to flexibly intergrate the lessons into your weekly plan. If regular lessons are not possible, you can opt for a workshop, seminar, or an intensive training where particular preparation (e.g. special presentation, company launch, negotiotions, business trip, etc.) is targeted. In a mini group, there are no more than 6 participants, allowing close attention for each learner.

Usually the employees (almost always) already have a certain knowledge of English and they are used to communicate in it within their area of their tasks and responsibilies. However, they might find it difficult, or use the incorrect expressions, making them feel less confident. In a mini-group, attention is paid to the specific problem areas, and if an individual requires additional training, a supplementary one-on-one lessons could be arranged.

The Business English courses for companies can take place in our language school, but you could also arrange to have the lessons directly at your premises – in-house training. In this way you can integrate the lessons flexibly into the daily and weekly schedule. Please ask for information on any applicable travel costs directly at the office (contact).

Business English Courses For Companies – What Can You Expect

  • Placement test with all course participants (verbal and written)
  • Advice on the best possible group size, course duration, and learning intensity
  • Content concept for the company or participant objectives
  • Regular feedback on progress of the English course and the learning progress of the participants
  • Final documentation of the English course

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