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Insurance For Language Students

Worry-free During Your Language Course In Munich

Regular insurance often includes travel insurance coverage. However, please inquire about the exact insurance coverage and liability before you start your journey. We advise you to check with your insurer whether especially your liability, accident, and health insurance are valid in Germany.

In case your insurance does not provide coverage in these areas, we strongly recommend that you take out a temporary local insurance in Germany for the duration of your stay in Munich. It doesn´t cost much and it is easily done. That way you can stay worry-free and enjoy studying while you are abroad.

Health Insurance

Please contact your health insurance for thorough information on your medical coverage and benefits while you are abroad.

If your regular health insurance does not provide full coverage in Germany, we strongly advise you to obtain a foreign health insurance. You can take out the Private Health Insurance Care College for language students. Please see instructions on this page how you can print out the insurance policy yourself.

Dialog Tip: If you need a visa for Germany, you must have a health insurance as well, it is mandatory. Even if you start studying at a German university once you complete your language course, a (statutory) health insurance for students is mandatory.

Accident & Liability Insurance

Please find out whether your accident and liability insurance is also valid in Germany and in which cases it applies so that you do not experience any surprises in the event of damage or accidents. You should pay particular attention to the deductibles.

The Care Concept company offers a good accident & liability insurance for non EU citizens / foreigners in the entire EU. You can take out the Care Protector online and print out the policy yourself.


Travel Cancellation Costs / Travel Insurance

We also recommend that you take out a travel cancellation insurance – after all, you never know what comes up and you want to be prepared.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our office team.

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