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Improve English Pronunciation

Pronunciation Training in Munich and online

Very few of you will only write English and read it, mostly speaking is more important. And also what is the most fun. Or should be … In pronunciation training we deal with your pronunciation and listening comprehension. You will both understand and be understood better and this will make you more fluent, lively and confident in your communication in English.

Don’t think that English pronunciation training is just the finishing touch. You can benefit from this even as a beginner. If you keep an eye on this aspect early on, there will be far fewer mistakes that you will have to deal with later. Together with a trainer and her fine ear, you will dedicate yourself to various techniques of pronunciation and sentence melody in this training. Because speaking also needs to be learned … and we’ll get it right with you.

English pronunciation training – at a glance

Number of participants Single or two-person training
Learning content Training of articulation and intonation
Learning levels suitable for every level
Times by arrangement on weekdays between 8 am and 9 pm
Start of course by arrangement
Extent & frequency by arrangement
Teacher native speaker
Learning material individual
Course location Dialog by Alinguas language school Munich or online

Individual Training
up from 20 UE:  55,-/UE
up from 30 UE:  53,-/UE

Two-person Training
up from 20 UE:  60,-/UE
up from 30 UE:  56,-/UE
all prices in Euro

Please contact us for an offer regarding a group course

Improve English pronunciation – Why at all?

Take a look at your pronunciation with us in English pronunciation training also – because as charming as an accent could be, sometimes it becomes a problem. Many jokes deal with the German accent, which unfortunately is not perceived as charming …

Improve English pronunciation – overcome uncertainty

When it comes to pronunciation, people often think about the person they are talking to. Does my conversation partner understand me? This is of course an important aspect, especially when it comes to negotiations, telephone calls, presentations or job interviews at work. With a well-versed pronunciation, you will be taken more seriously in such situations, you will be better assessed professionally and you will be able to devote yourself to the content during the conversation – which is what matters, after all.

Sometimes, however, insecurity in pronunciation is something you hinder yourself with, even though you use the right  vocabulary and grammar. If you still falter in conversations and have to think about whether you are pronouncing a word correctly, then let us take this hurdle together in pronunciation training. Improve your pronunciation in English, you will feel much more comfortable and confident, communicate more lively and fluently.

What does English pronunciation training look like?

In pronunciation training you will be guided by a native speaker with a fine ear and do multimedia exercises. The focus is on your intonation, articulation and the training of your ear and muscles og your tongue. As is the case with grammar and vocabulary, you will learn faster and more confidently when everything is explained to you by an expert.

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